Monday, 7 January 2013

An Unexpected Side Effect

Last Saturday afternoon I decided to ignore some of my household chores and headed out to the shop, camera in hand, to begin a blog worthy project.  I was antsy to get started.  It had been a while since I had done anything out there due to a cold snap over the holidays and the fact that our 800 light Christmas tree sucked so much power that I couldn't run the heater in my shop.

Before I began I wanted to take a couple of 'before' pictures of stuff that I was going to use.  All I needed was a clean surface to set them on so I could take the picture.  This usually means the right hand side of my table saw station (potential future post topic) but it was covered with stuff that had found its way into the shop but hadn't found a home yet.  The router table (potential future post topic II) was covered with boards for a project for someone else.  My workbench (NOT a future post topic) was in its usual messy and cluttered state and my lathe was covered with piles of multi-coloured plastic pen shavings.  Did I really turn that many Pens?

I spent the afternoon cleaning my shop.

That is the surprise effect of blogging.  To say that my shop is clean, neat, or tidy at any time is, at best, an exaggeration but it has been a lot better since I started this blog and have been taking pictures in there.  Even my wife has expressed surprise at times how clean it is.  Who knew?

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