Sunday, 27 March 2016

Time to Do What You Do When You Don't Get Off the Pot

For some years now I have been, well, 'obsessed' may be a strong word, but very curious about building an infill plane.  It morphed from 'Can I do that?' to 'I want to do that' to 'I'm going to do that.'  It has morphed from a casual eye out for old, well seasoned wood to finding a source for O1 tool steel to a frantic search for anyone who would sell me C220 bronze.

Now that I have the materials that I need, the work can begin.  It's not going to happen overnight, though.  I have set a goal of 2 years to finish this thing.  There will be lots of other projects during that time as well, I hope, maybe even a couple of wooden planes.  There are a lot of things I have to learn before I can finish this, but there are no more excuses.

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